Psalm: Lord’s Prayer Redux

by bobbyrayhurd

Father… reveal to us who you are so that we may work with you to love the world rightly. Help us to be honest about what is best, what is wise, and what is your perfect Will; because you will never force it on us! Help us to know, therefore, that we should not force it on each other.

Comforter… provide for us a plentiful banquet of daily bread; a bountiful feast of wise foods! Help us in our hunger to remember our dependence on you and, in our comfort, your benevolence.

Rabbi… help us to see that those sinning against us don’t understand the full implications of what they are doing as you have continued to forgive us when we act in turmoil and confusion. Teach me to forgive as you forgive, and may your children also forgive me. For it is our most grievous bane, our malignant hubris, that we insist upon our foolish judgments and naive decisions. It is for this reason that we depend on you for peace.

Savior…keep us safe from the forces of depravity that ruin your creation. Help us to see that servanthood is the only real kingship, perpetuating love is our only battle, and that there is no true freedom apart from the kingdom of G-d.