Epistle: Simple G-d

by bobbyrayhurd

Today, I call you to know G-d as Father, Creator, and Friend. It is impossible to know G-d as master. Do not believe the notion of knowing G-d as “master,” because we know G-d in Christ. Therefore, we have been set free from knowing G-d as a “master.” At least, we do not know Her as “master” in the since of enforcing His will upon us or being superior, but as the suffering Christ and “Gracious One” who delivers us from the idolatrous powers of this world we are conditioned on a daily basis to call master; even if that power be “Christian orthodoxy” or otherwise.

G-d is eternally un-master and G-d is un-orthodox. G-d is eternal yet G-d is simple. His presence is an eternal invitation because the invitation into Her life is always there. For the Gospel must be sought time and time again!

And so, if we may ever speak of G-d as “master,” we know Him as this only because She is the One who ultimately proposes challenge to all preconceived notions of what a master is at any point in godless history. Therefore, G-d is eternally other than any master and any power– for G-d is powerless, free, and unconditioned.

But yet G-d still chooses to condition Himself for our sake. This is good news!

Such a notion makes G-d our greatest friend and ally. Jesus commands his followers to call G-d Father; therefore, we know G-d as our oldest friend with whom we carry burdens, take on suffering beside, and commune with for accountability in rising above the powers of the world so that I may serve the weak, the powerless, and the poor– for they are G-d’s elect, and we, as G-d’s people, have the privilege of entering into communion with them so that we may know the Father and what G-d is doing in the world.

Jesus never describes the Father as someone who is in hierarchical relationship over the Son. He says, “I and the Father are one; He in me and I in Him.” Therefore we, like Jesus, should believe that it is possible to have this sort of relationship with G-d– and it is the purpose of the Church to do so with faithful haste! If a Christian must speak of power then they should only know it powerlessly. For as Christians, we know Christ who gives us this truth to seek time and time again throughout eternity.

Be Powerless,

Bobby Ray