About Bobby Ray


I am currently pastoring and fostering community for a house church plant known only as “Simple Church” that is currently a work-in-progress and in its most infantile stages.

I am a dad, a writer, a poet, an aspiring theologian, a social justice zealot, a vegetarian, a foodie, a beer nerd, an advocate of Christian non-violence, a dreamer, a gender ethicist, a metalhead, a loudmouth, a reader, a film buff/critic, a cult film enthusiast, a sports fan, and I often fantasize about one day story-writing an Adult Swim cartoon that lampoons and satirizes modern Christian culture.

And so, I am admittedly a self-loathing Christian.

I navigate my faith through the lens of a Christian anarchist, and it is the only faith tradition I can authentically own.

I usually spend the time I set aside for Sabbath with my my son, headbanging, tasting good beer, eating good food, spending time with friends, and going to metal shows.

My dear father tells me that I think way too much, way too deeply, but that I am in love with life nonetheless. I have an affinity for the extreme and am unapologetically (yet graciously) non-conformist.

I use a lot of vulgar language, and have been known to smoke way too many menthol cigarettes (though I recently have quit).

I loathe conformity but love community. And so, I have come to genuinely seek to love all people. However, the only thing that saves me from being a total misanthropist is the love of Jesus that I believe carries the hope of history as it restores us to G-d and to each other throughout eternity.

Join us in conversation as I write on things I obsess over.


Bobby Ray