About this Blog

This blog is dedicated to exploring the theological reflections of Bobby Ray Hurd as he shares the theological reflections of his heart through epistles and psalms.

The desire that motivates this blog is to make space for conversations to happen that rarely seem to happen– Christian or not, specifically for the St. Louis area (though all are welcome to comment). We are too often too busy to have real transformational conversation. Life often has us so strung out that the sort of deep theological and ethical issues people should be talking about go ignored. Therefore:

Christians: We are too often enslaved to the status quo, because we cannot act together in submission to the Gospel we hold to be true. Instead, we are dispersed into our own individualisms and the church then serves little purpose beyond religious goods and services. It then has no function whatsoever, offers little hope beyond the individual, and is a shadow what what it should be.

Non-Christians: We are too often hypocritical to the very commitments we often preach. The change this world needs is more than just a Christian issue– it requires people who believe in all different ways. Therefore, I invite you into this conversation, because diversity of thinking brings forth the power for what Christians call “repentance”– that is, “to change one’s path.” However, please be accepting of the theological language that is often used. Its the language of our faith. This will be the single biggest limitation we have for communicating in our world. Therefore, forgive us and have patience with us when we have miscommunications, because Christians speak a theological sort of language when describing their world.

Come all.

Bobby Ray