A “psalm” is defined as  “a sacred song, hymn, lyrical verse, or poem in particular any of those contained in the biblical Book of Psalms and used in Christian and Jewish worship.” More specifically, a psalm can be characterized as artistic, participative verse that calls hearers to worship in reflection, lament, or praise in what is said. Not only are they theological reflections, but they are artistic expressions expressed toward G-d typically expressing some image of G-d. Some are prayers. Others are songs. Some are difficult to classify. However, they are undoubtedly artistic expressions.

The psalms on this blog will be short, however they are not explained. Therefore, I invite your interpretation and conversational input in light of them. Exploring faith (if not life in general) is one of the most recurring themes of history. I invite you into taking part in conversational art through the artistic expressions written on this blog.

Feel free to send me your psalms and other artistic expressions, and I will have no problem posting them for discussion.